Monday, October 21, 2013

End of 2013 Service Year/Beginning of 2014 Service Year

August was filled with activity for me.  I got to go on my first KY-1 RBC build.  It seemed like an eternity since being on my last build in DE.  This build took place in Alexandria, KY which is on the border with Cinncinati, Ohio.  So for the first time ever, I stepped over into the state of Ohio.   This build was 5.5hrs away from home for me.  KY-1 RBC has a large area that they cover, seems to be slightly larger than the area that DE-1 RBC covers.  Anyways, I was able to join the Roofing crew here! I was a little nervous about joining a new RBC crew.  I was so comfortable with my crews and friends back home.  So I felt like a new kid at school when I went up to the KY roofers.  Much to my surprise they were quite excited to have me join.  They needed another girl on the roof.  Part of my introduction to the crew included their sharing of crazy stories of their antics, at that point I knew I would be right at home.  The crew was shocked to here that I'd been roofing for 7 years with DE-1 RBC.  They all thought I was about 16, maybe 18 years old.  So I stepped up on the roof, and after meeting more of the crew, their antics became apparent.  Some of the guys wanted to tease me and test me out a little, and if you know me, I dished it right back.  Here's some pictures from the weekend.
We took a little break while we were waiting for materials. 

Boy do they feed us good on RBC! I thought the little sign was so cute!

And the cleaning department has a bowl of candy out and free for the taking.  I'm really looking forward to the next build soon!

Also in August I got to spend the day with a group from the South Dundalk Congregation, Baltimore, MD that came down to work unassigned territory in Floyd County, KY, which is the next county over.  In this group was Sister Stephanie Battle who was part of Rising Sun's congregation when I was little.  I got to spend the day working with them in service.  Here's some of the friends:
From Left to Right: Damara and Tyrone Evans, Me and Nickell Crawford.

While we were out in service we contacted a woman who ran a wildlife rehab out of her home.  She brought out a baby bobcat that she was working with.  It was so cute to see her yellow lab playing with the baby bobcat as if it were one of her puppies.
Here the woman is holding the baby bobcat.

One day in September, Mike, Molly and myself were working in Matewan WV in service.  As most may be aware, this area of the country abounds with creeks and rivers.  Kentucky is second only to Alaska for the most waterways.  Anyways, while we were in Matewan we stopped to eat our lunch outside.  This man approached us, turns out he knew Mike from one of his old jobs.  This man now runs a business giving airboat tours that highlight different Hatfield/McCoy Feud landmarks.  If you weren't aware, the Hatfield/McCoy feud took place in Mingo County, WV and Pike County, KY, mostly in the areas that our congregation covers.  So this man offered us to take an airboat ride for free! Boy was that fun and we got to end the visit with him with a witness.

Molly, Me and Mike

One neat thing that I discovered over the past two weeks, is that I found territories that I still had never been to even though I've lived here for 10 months now.  I really felt out in the boondocks in this territories, named Vulcan and Beech Creek.  To get to them we had to drive down a gravel road right between railroad tracks and a river.  It was not uncommon to be riding right next to a train as we went to the territory.  Being there felt like being in unassigned territory since these people hadn't been reached in some time.   Here's a nice little shot of driving down this gravel road.

On our way to the Annual Meeting in Logan, WV, we stopped at Devil Anse Hatfield's grave.  It has been interesting living in Hatfield/McCoy territory.  I feel like I should know more of the story than I do.  However, the Hatfield/McCoy feud has become popular on TV and has spurned some reality shows that don't stick to the truth.  Just a little FYI, they are no longer feuding down here, the families generally get along.  Most people here can trace themselves to each family somewhere down the line.  

This is Devil Anse's grave.  The family had this statue made in Italy and sent here.

Finally, over the past couple months we have started the preparations for winter.  Down here my only source of heat for winter is wood.  So while my aunt and cousin were here in August, they helped stacked my supply.  However I was a little worried because I had no soft wood for starting up my fires. Then much to my surprise, one Thursday before the meeting we had a big thunder and windstorm roll through.  I hear a loud crack and looked out the window to see a tree fallen across my driveway.  Guess what? It was a poplar tree, yes, soft wood! The tree was already dead and the storm blew it over.  So while it blocked my driveway for a day and a half, it supplied my kindling for the winter!!! 
One thing I have learned is to not panic, but to wait on Jehovah and He will provide. 
Here is the tree right after the storm:

Finally, two weeks ago 10 friends from the congregation got together to help an older brother, Bill to get his wood for winter.  He had this giant tree that was dead up on the mountain behind his house.  So a couple went and cut up the tree into large pieces a few days before we went.  So between the 10 of us we cut and stacked this tree and it should supply Bill's wood for the winter.  Here are some pictures from the day.
This was the hillbilly slide that Johnny rigged up so that they could roll these giant pieces of wood down the hill. It sure helped the brothers get all those chunks down without helping them.

The wood splitter was running with a few manning it.  One to supply, one to move the wood and one to operate the lever.  These chunks of wood were huge!!!

We also had our human chopper, Herb, who was faster and we think split more wood than the machine.

Here's all the wood that came from just one tree.  My job was to stack it with the help of Rachelle.
What an adventure it is to live down here in the mountains.  It is really refreshing to see our congregation work together to help each other.  It is so comforting to know that many will help those who have a need. What a wonderful characteristic of Jehovah's organization.


  1. Thank you Kiersten for sharing. I am so happy that Jehovah is using you to continue to do wonderful things. Sister Myrick/Charlottesville, VA

  2. Hi Kiersten,

    We are so happy to see more recent pictures of Kentucky.... soon we will be in Mayanmar ... we will share experiences! Can't wait.