Monday, October 21, 2013

Summer Catch-Up

Since the last time I wrote a lot has gone on.  So let's shoot for a nice, hopefully not too long update.

In July we had our District Convention in Charleston, WV.  I had a wonderful treat of visiting with Debbie Ball, Tana Blake and Brenda Roop.  All sisters from Rising Sun.  Tana now lives in WV though.  Also, my old study/child Alisa was there with her grandparents who are part of my circuit.  
From Left to Right: Brenda, Debbie, Me, Alisa (Tana was taking the picture)

After the District Convention, Alisa came and stayed with me for a week. She was such a treat to have around during service, the meetings and even a little hiking and swimming. She is really maturing into a beautiful, spiritual young lady.
Alisa and I at the Kingdom Hall.

I almost forgot.... Right before our District Convention, a group from the Nottingham, DE congregation came down to work unassigned territory nearby in Virginia.  They were working with the Grundy congregation, which close to ours.  I got to go over and visit with them for a meeting and a night for dinner while they were here.  It was really nice to see faces from home down here. I know the group had an AMAZING experience in service and some really want to come visit again.

  From Left to Right: Cameron Richardson, Morgan Cuthrell, Jenny Miller, Molly Smith, Me, Arielle Fraze.

One thing that we have really been enjoying is the children's videos on the website.  My pioneer partner, Molly has been using them on a couple little girls.  Molly's dad studies with their parents.  The girls are young and active, so Molly and I have tried to keep them busy so they don't distract their parents.  They really like watching the videos.  
Here is Molly showing a video to Hailey.

At the beginning of August my Aunt Beth and cousin Ian came to visit for a couple days.  They were auxiliary pioneering for the month and we made sure we got in a couple days of service.  Here is a picture of Ian and Beth witnessing to an older woman who lived at the main head of a far out holler.  This older woman invited them onto the porch and chatted for a long time.  My Aunt was able to give her a Bible Teach book.  The householder would not let them leave without a bag of tomatoes.

We stopped on a road that still had a swing bridge across the river so Beth and Ian could get on it.  We even took a turn rocking and jumping on it! 

at the very beginning of September, I got a visit from Craig & Michaela Young and their baby, Otto.  They were part of my RBC carpet crew and we rode our bikes together back home.  I hadn't seen Otto since March and boy how he has grown! Otto and my fiancé Mike made fast friends.  
While Craig & Michaela were here we got to enjoy service and especially some hiking.  Otto was such a trooper and so easy and fun to be with.  We went to the Breaks Park and geocached there.  For those of you who know what that is, there's over 100 caches in this park.  Finally we took them up to the waterfall that is across from our Kingdom Hall.

It has been so nice to have visitors over the summer.  Everyone enjoys coming down to our beautiful mountains and experiencing service down here.  

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  1. Hey Kiersten! It's great to hear that u r having a blast there! It is evident that Jehovah is pouring his blessing upon u. I wish u were in our circuit. Having a hard time finding interviewees for a SAD part! :) Things r going great on this end too. Just came back from the concrete pour in Douglas GA and Korean service in Savannah GA. Have fun and hope to hear more exciting updates! *btw I still have no idea what 'geocached' means... :$ lol